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There were 69 professional technology forums and project matching conferences in SIMM 2016. Over 2500 participants took part in activities to exchange technology ideas and meet suppliers and buyers. Moreover, SIMM also held seminars and webinars through out the year; and organized project matching for professional industrial demands.

Conferences Highlight

1. 2016 USB TYPE-C Application Forum
SIMM worked with EVA Holdings, Shenzhen Connector Association and Shenzhen Huang Ming Wang He Metal Co, LTD to host the seminar aiming at connector design points, the materials selection of the USB TYPE-C, simulation design, latest standard analysis and test requires and other related issues to exchange ideas with the audience. Nearly 300 people participated.

2. The 1st Sheet-Metal Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Forum
AMADA, SALVAGNINI, HAN’s LASER and APACHE shared and exchanged their ideas about how to cope with situations as metal plate enterprises in the context of constantly changing market and challenges to adapt to the reform of “Made in China, 2025” program and Industry 4.0. Nearly 100 people attended the forum.

3. The 3rd Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot Application Technology Forum
Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, PTC, Ewininfo, ABB Group, H·S Roboter, Hexagon, Zeiss, and Comau jointly shared the implementing cases of intelligent manufacturing, information technology, intelligent measure techniques and robotics application scheme. More than 600 people took part in the conference.

Year-round Activities

1. Industry 3D Printing Theme Events – The Latest Compound Machining Technology of 3D Printing and the Design and Machining of Mould Conformal Cooling in Japan
How to efficiently cool down plastic products in the shortest amount of time? Is the problem of warping and sinking of plastic part inevitably after demoulding? Can we design different cooling circuits according to the cooling requirement? Can complex mould realize rapid prototyping?

2. SIMM + Value-added Service – The New Product Release Conference and Open Day for VIP Enterprises.
SIMM cooperated with GF Machining Solutions to invite you to attend the new product release conference and open day for VIP enterprises aiming at enriching the off-line events and extending its service, as well as showing the influence of SIMM to provide the latest industry information and technology for manufacturing enterprises in South China. The event will promote the development of industries and communication between enterprises. GF Machining Solutions has accumulated over hundred years experience in professional knowledge and industry technology in precision machine tool manufacturing and now it has the most comprehensive product system and machining solutions.

3. The 2nd Automatic Sheet Metal Pressing Technology Seminar
How to move less machines and equipment to connect the pressing machine in my workshop? Is it appropriate to transform to pressing automation if my products are characterized with short life cycle, diversification and small quantities? How long will it take to cover the cost of pressing automation?


SIMM held several successful webinars with following topics: -The Application of advanced techniques and cutting tools in the automobile gearboxes industry. - Integrated Automatic Stamping Solutions - Graphite Electrical Discharge Machining Seminar - FANUC Endeavors in Mould Manufacturing of Made in China 2015 Project: - The Application of Machining Center and Slow Wire Cutting Machine in Mould Manufacturing - The Application of FANUC Robot in Home Appliance Manufacturing

Project Matching Conferences

Project matching conferences for key manufacturing enterprises Provide you with easy access to suppliers and buyers. Over 50 one-to-one project matching conferences for key manufacturing enterprises organized in SIMM exhibition, which received highly appraisals from customers and attracted many enterprises interests and registrations. The registration will open up for manufacturing enterprises. Based on the successful experience from the last show, SIMM Special Committee cooperated with the organizer of project matching conferences to optimize and enlarge the supplier’s system. Adapting to the market, automation, 3D printing, industry measuring will be the market orientation of project matching conferences in 2016 and 2017. Until now, Mindray, Philips Respironics, Zhuhai Runxingtai Electronics Company, Donlim and other manufacturing enterprises have confirmed to take part in the conferences. SIMM organizes these project matching conferences to promote flexible, fast and accurate solutions and build an information communication platform for technology and equipment business.

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