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SIMM on-site conferences and seminars are not only manifestation of the industry development trends and technology innovation in the smart manufacturing industry, but a supreme platform for the communication between enterprises, academic groups, and government departments. SIMM 2018 has organized 25 conferences of which covers the subjects of product quality, smart manufacturing, laser processing, 3D printing, precision components, digital technology and attracted more than 4000 professionals and decision-makers.

Conferences Highlight

1. “Quality China Celebration” – The 2nd Quality China Summit
The summit invites Mr. Zhang Gang, the committee member of the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, BYD and BGI as the leading companies in the manufacturing industry, to give speeches about the innovative measures and successful applicable cases of enterprises evolving from traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing in the subject of NQI. The summit attracts nearly 400 participants from the country in industries of quality inspection and metrology, or associations, industry-leading companies and media and the quality become a heated topic on site.

Con-current Forums:
The 2nd Quality China Quality Technology Forum
The 2nd Quality China Metrology Forum
The 2nd Quality China Fastener and Thread Technology Forum

2. The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum【Smart Factory Forum 】
Intelligent Manufacturing Forum is in the subject of Smart Factory covering the innovation and development of 3C, house appliances, automotive and automotive components industries. The forum has invited leaders in robotics companies, integrators, MES system integrators, smart warehouse logistics integrators and other related companies to discuss digital factory, intelligent production, smart logistics, industrial robots, innovative technology and other trending topics.

Con-current Forums:
The 5th Smart Manufacturing and Robotics Forum Sessions – Key Factors to Intelligent Manufacturing Implementation
The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum and the Development of Robotics Technology and Application in the Trends of Lightening Automobile Forum
The 3rd Robotics and 3C Appliance Application Conference and the 3rd National Robotics Industry Research Activity Opening Ceremony
The 5th Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Application Forum and 2018 New Energy Automotive Supply Chain CEO Innovation Forum

3. 2018 Precision Components and Mould Intelligent Manufacturing Forum
The forum invites the world top machine tool enterprises, such as CKGSB, Mazak, FANUC, Makino, +GF+, Hexagon, MDB and so on, which brings together industrial resources in Southern China. The forum is featured with the advantages of Southern China’s manufacturing industry in terms of 6 aspects: Components processing, mould processing, robotics application, additive manufacturing, intelligent integration and quality improvement, etc.

Con-current Forums:
2018 Advanced Automotive Stamping and Laser Welding Technology Application Conference
2018 Mobile Phone Shell Processing and Inspection Technology Forum
The 3rd Sheet Metal Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Forum
2018 HAIZOL Industrial Parts Sourcing and Matchmaking Conference

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