14 May - 17 May, 2020 | Shenzhen · China
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  • IMF: China offers tremendous experience to the world against COVID-19

    China is making a path from health crisis to recovery and offering tremendous expertise and experience to the rest of the world.

    From:China Daily  42   |    2020-03-30

  • Machine Tool Leader Mazak Strategic Cooperation with ITES to Lead the Smart Manufacturing Revolution in South China

    Machine tool leader Mazak strategic cooperation with ITES to lead the smart manufacturing revolution in South China.

    From:ITES Official  80   |    2020-03-26

  • 3 Reasons Foreign Investors Should Stick with China amid the Coronavirus

    From:China-Briefing.com  111   |    2020-03-18

  • 'Morale pills' for global firms

    China will come up with more steps to further bolster the confidence of foreign enterprises in the country and help them overcome the difficulties arising from the novel coronavirus epidemic, the coun

    From:China Daily  139   |    2020-03-18

  • COVID-19: Which IT Systems to Deploy to Assist Employees Working from Home

    The now global spread of the coronavirus has triggered the world’s biggest ever work-from-home experiments as businesses consider how to effectively utilize their employees while also minimizing physi

    From:China-Briefing.com  200   |    2020-03-18

  • Technologies arm rural China in anti-virus fight

    Artificial intelligence (AI), unmanned aerial vehicles, Chinese companies have adopted various high technologies to prevent and control the epidemic outbreak in the country's rural areas.

    From:Xinhua  193   |    2020-03-16

  • Manufacturers Face Supply Chain Disruptions Because of COVID-19

    Nearly 75% of companies have reported supply chain disruptions as a result of coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, according to a new survey released by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The ISM

    From:talkbusiness  226   |    2020-03-12

  • Technology is aiding the fight against the COVID-19 Epidemic

    Technology is aiding China’s fight against the virus and also helping people cope with the stresses of a quarantined life. Ananth Krishnan, 2019 AsiaGlobal Fellow, gives his take on how China is deplo

    From:The Hindu, asiaglobalinstitute  312   |    2020-03-12

  • ITES Fastener Exhibitors Have Basically Resumed Production

    ITES exhibition joins hands with Fastener Association of Shenzhen, China, holding a fastener themed exhibition together, which gathers many leading fastener companies, providing high-quality products

    From:ITES Official  164   |    2020-03-11

  • Many Guangdong enterprises resume production

    Nearly 94 percent of the 15,000 enterprises monitored by human resources authorities in Guangdong province have resumed work.

    From:China Daily  59   |    2020-03-11

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