Sep. 1 – 4, 2020 | Shenzhen · China
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  • China's Foreign Trade Set to Continue Stable Growth in 4th Quarter

    China's foreign trade will maintain stable growth in the fourth quarter as its manufacturing sector is capable of scaling up production within a short period to supply necessary goods amid the global  947   |    2020-10-14

  • China's Recovery Boosts Global Commerce

    Amid growing uncertainties in the global market, China's foreign trade has beaten market expectations in recent months. China saw its foreign trade increase 6% on a yearly basis to $411.59 billion in

    From:China Daily  881   |    2020-09-14

  • Reopening Industrial Exhibition in China after COVID-19 Outbreak, ITES 2020 Debuts in the New Exhibition Center in September

    ITES 2020 grandly kicks off in Shenzhen on Spetember 1.

    From:ITES  1137   |    2020-09-01

  • 3 Weeks Left, Preview the Concurrent Events at ITES 2020

    Only 3 weeks left to ITES 2020, let's preview the new technologies and concurrent events together!

    From:ITES Official  1539   |    2020-08-05

  • Choosing the Best Abrasive Finishing Process for 3D Printed Parts

    Studies have shown that abrasive finishing is flexible enough to finish 3D printed parts with complex geometries and difficult-to-machine materials, although the best process depends on a number of fa

    From:Modern Machine Shop  1001   |    2020-08-05

  • New Software Simplifies Measurement on Machine Tools

    Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new modular software suite, HxGN NC Measure, making it simpler and faster for manufacturers to inspect diverse parts directly on the machin  1030   |    2020-08-03

  • Industrial Profits Keep Rising in June

    China's industrial profits increased in June by more than 10 percent year-on-year as the country continued to implement stringent pandemic control measures and policies promoting economic and social d

    From:China Daily  1064   |    2020-07-28

  • Digital Manufacturing and IIoT: A Platform for Success

    To truly maximize IIoT, manufacturers need a single solution that supports scalable-IIoT deployments and creates a collaborative environment that’s data-driven and provides transparency across the ent  1034   |    2020-07-27

  • 5 Factors for Choosing Sheet Metal Fabrication

    One of the most adaptable building materials in the manufacturing industry, sheet metal has rightfully found its place as one of the most important materials in the industrial age.  1075   |    2020-07-22

  • How to Design High-Efficiency Capabilities into an Injection Mold/Molding System

    Mold builders can boost profits and part quality with expert analysis and optimization techniques.

    From:Moldmaking Technology  1171   |    2020-07-20

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