30 March - 2 April, 2020 | Shenzhen · China
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  • Overview of Shenzhen International Tools & Industrial Consumable Exhibition

    A brief introduction about Shenzhen International Tools & Industrial Consumable Exhibition.

    From:  6   |    2019-10-14

  • Cutting tool inserts to see ballooning sales

    The global cutting tool inserts market is likely to account for US$ 18.1 Bn by the end of the assessment year 2019 and is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~7.0% during the forecast period of 2019-2029

    From:Cutting Tool Engineering  5   |    2019-10-14

  • High-end manufacturing to open new vistas

    The development of high-end manufacturing faces many challenges and opportunities. How can China respond to these challenges and opportunities?

    From:China Daily  73   |    2019-10-09

  • ABB chief says company is bullish on China despite trade war concerns

    With the firece compititation of industrial robotics manufacturing, ABB is builing a $150 million robotics manufacturing and research facility near Shanghai that is expected to be operational in 2021.

    From:CNBC  47   |    2019-09-27

  • Industrial Robots: Robot Investment Reaches Record 16.5 billion USD

    The new World Robotics Report shows an annual global sales value of 16.5 billion $ in 2018–a new record. IFR forecasts robotics shipments will have an average growth of 12% per year from 2020 to 2022.

    From:International Federation of Robotics  110   |    2019-09-26

  • Industrial upgrading will continue

    Ministry says despite recent challenges, manufacturing sector has made strides

    From:Chinadaily  102   |    2019-09-23

  • How to program a welding robot like a pro

    The do's and don'ts from an expert robotic welding programmer.

    From:the fabricator  85   |    2019-09-18

  • Report predicts steady growth for waterjet cutting machine market

    The waterjet cutting machine market is expected to growth steadily over the forecast period (2018-2026) according to the findings.

    From:Cutting Tool Engineering  84   |    2019-09-11

  • Overview of Shenzhen International Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition

    Shenzhen International Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition is one of the important themed exhibitions of ITES. Here is a brief introduction of this exhibition.

    From:ITES Official  514   |    2019-09-10

  • 10 Takeaways on How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence CNC Machining

    AI is not new, but it is now up-to-date due to large data sets and the power to process them. How AI will affect CNC machining? Here comes 10 takeaways on how AI will influence CNC machining.

    From:Modern Machine Shop  376   |    2019-08-30

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