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SIMM 2019 Special Offers for Visitors

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【Introduction】 Thanks for your registration at SIMM 2019 as one of our visitors sincerely! Here are some benefits for YOU as a small gift. You can get these special offers after getting your ticket. Now, please find your special offers and enjoy your journey.

For the Individual
I. Free Transportation Ticket
You will get free transportation ticket when you register on the onsite registration counter, and you can take each line (Including Metro and Bus) passed the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center for free.

II. Free Beverage
You will get free drinks (or special gifts) from the designated beverage shop when you help to finish the questionnaire as one of overseas visitors.
Note: Every discount activities in the exhibition period will be final.

For a Group
I. Free Shuttle Bus Service (Over 20 persons)
You can apply SIMM Shuttle Bus Service since your visitor group over 20 persons.
The Available Shuttle Bus Route:
-- Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport -- Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center
-- Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center
-- Shenzhen Customs (Including Shenzhen Bay Port, Fu Tian Port, Huang Gang Port and Lo Wu Port) -- Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center

i. The shuttle bus may not run until there are over 20 visitors. Please leave us messages of your travel & accommodation in advance so that we can make some flexible adjustments to provide you convenience if needed.
ii. If you don't want our shuttle bus service, you can get the corresponding expenses of equal value from SIMM. (Over 20 persons)

II. Free Gift Packages
You can get these special offers at the show including meal coupons, gifts, exhibition catalogues etc.  

III. VIP Entrance
SIMM provides VIP entrances for group visitors to enter the exhibition hall quickly and easily.

IV. Customized Visitor Route
SIMM provides you a customized visitor route which can guide you to find your target exhibitors and the exhibit highlights freely.  

V. Interpretation, Guiding & Buyer-supplier Matchmaking Services
SIMM provides you on-site interpretation service, guiding service and buyer-supplier matchmaking service.

VI. Free Photo Service
SIMM can provide our best photographers for you to take group photos for free if needed.

VII. Conferences & Seminars Booking Privileges
As a group visitor, you do have privileges to book the on-site conferences and seminars in priority.

VIII. The Opening Ceremony Attendance
Representatives of visitor groups will be invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of SIMM 2019.

IX. Factory/Basement Visit
SIMM can provide privileges for all of group visitors to visit factories or basements of local enterprises in South China.

HERE to join SIMM 2019           
For further information, please contact us:
Ms. Talina Zeng | E-mail: info@simmtime.com | Phone: +85-755-23940012
















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