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  • TRUMPF will release their first 2D TruLaser 3040 Fiber at SIMM 2019 with higher intelligence and efficiency

    TruLaser 3040 fiber of TRUMPF will be displayed at SIMM on 28th, March to attract attentions of industrialist in booth 2M01, hall 2.

    From:SIMM  2010   |    2019-01-30

  • A glance at FARO 8-axis QUANTUM SCANARM Equipment with high flexibility and easy-to-use features

    FARO is the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. This time you will keep eyes on the FAROBlu or Prizm Laser Line Probe face to face at booth 9L01, hall 9

    From:SIMM  1462   |    2019-01-30

  • AMADA Showcases LC series & HG series to boost your processing efficiency

    AMADA Group's core operations in metalworking machinery are centered mainly on four businesses focusing on the Sheet Metal Machinery, Metal Cutting & Stamping Press Machinery, Structural Steel Machine

    From:SIMM  1495   |    2019-01-30

  • China's leading sheet metal manufacturer, Yawei, will capture visitors' attention with fiber lasers

    FB-2516A adopts the unique flanging technology from two ways to complete the process of high speed, flexibility and automation with strong mould function.

    From:SIMM  1952   |    2019-01-30

  • Industrial Leading Manufacturer, Mitutoyo, brings U-WAVE Measurement Data Wireless Communication System and UMAP vision system

    Mitutoyo devotes to help all improve their measurement techniques and contributes to personnel training through workshops on precision measurement technology.

    From:SIMM  1339   |    2019-01-30

  • INDEX Group shows turning and milling machines with flexible and high-performance

    Represented by the G200. flexible turning and milling and TNC65 high-performance turning and milling machines of INDEX Group, visitors will find business at booth 1C61, hall 1.

    From:SIMM  1347   |    2019-01-30

  • Asia's competitive supplier will showcase robs & preforms, cutting solutions at SIMM 2019

    CB-CERATIZIT is the most competent and competitive supplier of carbide hard material in Asia with headquarter in Taiwan.

    From:SIMM  1353   |    2019-01-30

  • Long neck end mill tools of NS Tool help to accelerate your productivity

    NS Tool will showcase Long neck end mill tools series this time to develop and manufacture high valuable and high quality products for effective utilization of natural resources.

    From:SIMM  1222   |    2019-01-30

  • PRECITRAME SA will exhibit polishing and CNC rotary transfer machines in 2019

    PRECITRAME SA evolved principally to its activities in the microtechnology sector, as a supplier of watch movement blanks to the most prestigious brands in the industry.

    From:SIMM  2063   |    2019-01-30

  • Global brand metal-cutting solution provider, Harding, exhibits SIMM in Hall 1

    Hardinge innovates technologies and products in workholding to influence the whole industry, let's glance through the spots in advance.

    From:SIMM  1337   |    2019-01-30

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