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  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area

    The development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area has been a feature of a number of China's national strategies, including the Vision and Actions on Jointly Building the Silk Road Economic Bel

    From:HKTDC  1204   |    2018-07-30

  • Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

    Technology and innovation hub, Shenzhen is known as China’s “silicon valley” and “the city of the future”.

    From:WIRED UK  1984   |    2017-10-28

  • Industrial lasers in China: An observer's perspective

    Chinese laser manufacturers respond to changes in the market environment

    From:INDUSTRIAL LASER SOLUTIONS  2316   |    2017-09-25

  • Why High-speed Machining Demands a High-end Tool-holder

    In high-speed machining for medical equipment manufacturing, choosing the right tool-holder is the key to greater precision, longer tool life and decreased machining costs.

    From:MedicalDesign and OUTSOURCING  1882   |    2017-09-25

  • Should Robots Replace Humans in Your Industrial Facility?

    In an era where “reshoring” overseas manufacturing jobs back home to the USA is on the rise, there’s increasing debate on the role of robots in our economy. Will we see a net increase or decrease in o

    From:From FORMASPACE  1995   |    2017-08-29

  • How Understanding China’s Manufacturing Geography Leads to Better Sourcing Results

    This article will lay out the differences in China’s regional development and how that may play into your sourcing decisions.

    From:Gloabal Sources-Smart China Sourcing  2301   |    2017-03-06

  • Overcome Barriers to DC Productivity

    Achieving breakthrough performance is best accomplished when it is clearly understood that a leader's job is to set bold goals, develop strategies for achieving them, and ensure the organization has t

    From:IndustryWeek  2000   |    2017-01-16

  • Moving to Smart Manufacturing: Your Plant is Talking to You!

    How do we do that – how do we get to smart manufacturing? By catching four waves--just like a surfer. In this and my next article, I’m going to discuss these four waves. And the first wave is--actuall

    From:IndustryWeek  2135   |    2016-12-28

  • 5 Reasons Why Metal 3D Printing is Big and Getting Bigger

    However, all this would not matter if there was no big demand, as industry pioneers know full well. That demand now exists because the aerospace industry is ready to implement it now and the automotiv

    From:3D PRINTING INDUSTRY  2271   |    2016-11-25

  • Methods 3D launch seven new additive manufacturing labs

    Hanson went on to add, "Engineers have been bringing their application challenges to us and we have been working with them to implement this technology into their manufacturing operations."

    From:3D PRINTING INDUSTRY  2113   |    2016-11-25

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