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Hall 2: Metal Forming Machine Tool Area

Committed to promote the automation and intelligence of sheet metal processing

Benefitting from the increasing demands of metal works and fast development of manufacturing in South China, SIMM Sheet Metal and Pipe Processing Area attracted many world-class sheet metal processing manufacturers such as AMADA, Han's Laser, SALVAGNINI, Yawei, JFY, Yangli, Yadon, Wanshun, CPTEK and many other famous companies to display their latest technology. SIMM has become one of the two largest sheet metal processing technology exhibitions in China.

SIMM 2019 will present with approximately more than 200 companies of sheet metal, punching and automatic punching in metal forming industry. The items on display cover the whole sheet metal processing industry chain ranging in uncoiler, flattener, laser cutting and stamping, cutting, dadoing, surface treatment, detection and fastener. Whatever you are a newly built small factory or a big company, SIMM is qualified to meet your demand of equipment purchase, process improvement and smart solutions.

Categories of Exhibits

Sheet metal equipment:

uncoiler, flattening, NC control turret punch Press, shear panels, dadoing, bending machine, edgefold, pipe process


laser cutting, laser welding, laser device and precision microhole drilling technology, laser marking, laser parts, plasma, flame cutters, water cutting machine

Equipment related to sheet metal:

mould, sheet metal detection, software, burring, fastener, trimmer, metal work, transfer technique

Laser processing becomes more and more popular

Features and Trends of the Display:

1.Laser cutting is developing with faster speed, processing is more closely connected to automation.
2.Technology of laser precision processing, laser bonding and marking develops fast and has been successfully applied in automobile, new energy, communication, 3C and many other fields showcasing a prospect future.
3. Laser manufacturers will be more closely linked with terminal clients and new technology and application fields will be developed continuously.

Representative Exhibitors:

AMADA, Trumpf, Han's Laser, LVD, Messer, Mitsubishi, MAZAK, HGTECH, CHUTIAN, LEAD LASER, DNE LASER, IPG, Coherent, DURMA, HSG

Smart sheet metal factory in China has entered a blue ocean and there are large demands in the future market.

Features and Trends of the Display:

The exhibitors moved one of the automatic units of smart sheet metal processing to the on-site display area. The high precision automatic bending system can realize 24h automatic processing and the sheet metal can be delivered automatically to finished product sorting area. Automatic production line display is more closely linked to factories' needs, which enables decision-makers to make better and quicker analysis and judgement.

Representative Exhibitors:

AMADA, Han's Laser, Yawei, JFY, SALVAGNINI, ESTUN, PIVATIC, Gasparini S.p.A, WEMO, Dreistern

Product competitive advantages are up to the market responses

Features and Trends of the Display:

Most of exhibitors were busy enough at SIMM 2018 in order to gain more market materials and business partners even though they were not familiar to China manufacturing market before. They firmly believe the number of sheet metal customers in China will be increased every year.

Representative Exhibitors:

AMADA, Han's Laser, Yawei, Salvagnini, ESTUN, PIVATIC, Gasparini S.p.A, WEMO, Dreistem

Customers value the product quality and the sheet metal peripheral equipments are more and more popular

Features and Trends of the Display:

Take Inspect Vision from UK and LISSMAC for an example. As newcomers to the Chinese market, they had few customers due to the high price. Due to the increasing demands of customers in product quality, the two companies gradually show their advantages in professional software, detection and burring equipment. Their accumulation in SIMM has paid back by obtaining a number of customers in South China including large enterprises and small factories.

Representative Exhibitors:

Rate, KETEC, Inpect Vision Detection, LISSMAC, FLADDER, XIANGSHENG Group, MATE MOULD, Haeger, Koyo giken, Pudian, HAIGEI, Shenzhen Qianglang Machinery Equipment, Shenzhen Goodmate Company
















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