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Hall 6: Measuring Instrument and Technology Area

Observe the process details and the law of industry

Industry4.0 focuses on smart manufacturing, which uses Internet as tool and measurement as core technology. Industry 4.0 represents an era of big data and information technology in which all the testing information data are collected, analyzed and applied in an integrated way while the new round of collection, analysis and application activities begins during applying process. Measurement technique is an important driving force for future manufacturing business as a major technique to collect data in industrial production.
In order to adapt the needs of corporate smart upgrading programs in Industry4.0, SIMM2016 made efforts to create a brand new measurement instrument area. The area quickly stimulated the enthusiasm of manufacturers and professional visitors in industry and became a unique and distinctive display area.

Based on the demand of industries in South China, present the top quality of precision measurement

Features and Trends of the Display:

Catering to the machine processing features in manufacturing industry in South China, based on the demand of high precision measurement standard in areas of 3C, small appliance and watch, measurement instrument designed for small technical items are popular in the exhibition area.

Representative Exhibitors:

Zeiss measurement, as the manufacturer of the first CNC CMM (coordinate measuring machines) in the world, is the symbol of advanced technology and high quality. Continuous innovation and invention is the driving force for the development of CMM technology. Zeiss brought several advanced measurement equipment catering to the demand of industries in South China.
For instance, the Contura G3 bridge type CMM designed for the large and complex workpiece which has demands in precision, efficiency and flexibility; The multi-functional mass scanning platform - Contura G2 RDS and Contura G2 Active designed for medium and small manufacturing enterprises; The general and economic CMM SPECTRUM designed for measuring medium and small sized workpiece; METROTOM, which integrates geometrical metrology with CT technology, can realize the top nondestructive testing and industrial CT technology by reconstructing the digital image.

From equipment to solutions, help you to solve measuring puzzles.

Features and Trends of the Display:

Single type of Instrument can’t meet up with the needs of companies any more. Many exhibitors plan to transform from instrument suppliers to solutions suppliers to provide customized measurement solutions for other companies. It also becomes one of the main trends of the development of display area.

Representative Exhibitors:

This year, as a giant in SIMM exhibition, Hexagon smart manufacturing exhibited 16 solutions in 400 ㎡ booth. Hexagon displayed how it provided smart manufacturing technology and solutions for automobile, 3C electronics, equipment automation industry. The first show of 360SIMS smart online testing system which can take photos for car body and the optics measuring system that can finish the flatness and warp measurement of glass in 1 second becomes a heated topic in the exhibition. Blade measurement machine Blade Master-HPO exhibited ultra-high speed FM laser and high-precision full-size blade measurement solutions. Automation connecting to digitization successfully made it possible to transform from equipment manufacturers to measurement solutions providers, which reflects the N+ states of Hexagon's automatic measuring technology. The knowledge of feeling, analyzing, moving and "quality drives for production were what Hexagon experienced in SIMM2016. Focusing on integrating technical advantages of manufacturing enterprises in the industry, Hexagon brought visitors the experience of smart manufacturing in SIMM.

Strong union helps to create a more professional industrial measurement exhibition

Features and Trends of the Display :

Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection (SAMQI) took part in SIMM2016 with the measuring plan of the full life-cycle of products. A number of experts in industry were invited to attend 12 high-standard technology seminars aiming at technical testing issues in the process of research/design, purchase, production and market admittance.

Representative Exhibitors:

SAMQI cooperated with SIMM, Mould Measurement System, Shenzhen Measure Project Maker System and System Technology to exhibit the latest measurement technique and integrated technology solutions in an innovative way. The demonstration attracted a number of business customers and realized multi-dimensional, multi-perspective and deep communication and interaction. The solutions display area was very popular and won the appraisals of visitors. The exhibition helped SAMQI successfully build a public image of acting as a professional and high-standard service platform facing manufacturing industry, which will promote the economic increase of service industry.
In future, SIMM will further cooperate with SAMQI to deepen the exhibition themes and specialize professional areas as well as organize seminars of all-around measuring products and technology covering the whole production process.
















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