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Hall 9 and 2/F: Cutting Tools and Accessories Area

Gather a large number of professional visitors and keep growing and developing for 17 years

SIMM exhibition is based on the manufacturing industry and has been developing in the South China for 17 years. Enterprises in cutting tools, cemented carbide and machine tool industry gathered in SIMM, which made it the biggest and shaped cutting tools theme exhibition in South China. Located on the Pearl River Delta, which is the most important machining industrial base of China, this display area has been endeavoring in innovation to provide a high-level platform for exchanges between exhibitors and visitors in forms of product display and customized application solutions display. SIMM will join hands with exhibitors and visitors to step into a new era of smart manufacturing and look forward to the next ten years of manufacturing industry in China.

World-class Cutting Tools Brands

Features and Trends of the Display:

As market changes, the cutting tools technology is also changing. The single cutting tools display can’t meet the demands of users and market any more. An overall technology display covering technology analysis, excellent solutions and advanced cutting tools management is becoming more and more popular.

Representative Exhibitors:

●SANDVIK: SANDVIK brought brand new products and launched the new technology and products in the conference. It advertised the products in the main aisle and prominent location in the pavilion and came up with the advanced and smart cutting tools management system, which brought the users with fresh concept of cutting tools management.
●Hoffman: Hoffman took part in the exhibition for the first time to demonstrate the performance of the cutting tools and advertised the products in the main aisle and prominent location in the pavilion. At the same time, Hoffman displayed the advanced solutions in the conference, which got excellent publicity effects.
●Horn: The world-class slot machining specialist integrated the cutting tools display with technician's demonstration to help visitors solve their problems.
●DIJET: DIJET presented with high-quality cutting tools solutions to industries of automobile, 3C electrics and took SIMM as a platform to deepen its branding concept to visitors.

Cemented Carbide Area (Parts and accessories, Cutting tools)

Features and Trends of the Display:

Cemented Carbide is widely applied in industries of aviation and space, metallurgy, mining tools, electronic communication, construction. With the development of the downstream industries, the requirement to precision is increasing. At the same time, in the context of difficulty in processing and increasing demand of cemented carbide contribute to the fast development of cutting tool materials and cemented carbide. Exhibitors exhibited new-style alloy materials, high-precision cemented carbide parts along with the high-tech cutting tools and the coating materials, which improve the performance, machining precision and suitable range of cemented carbide material.

Market Demand:

South China is the center base of industries of machining, automobile parts, 3C exlectronics, medical instrument and high precision mould, therefore there is large market demand of cemented carbide. Representative enterprises are: Winner Medical Group, Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Demup Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd., Zhongshan Jinyuan Group, Zhuhai Kaibang Dianji Company, Dongguan Gangri Precision Hardware Watch Company, Foxconn

Representative Exhibitors:

CB-CERATIZIT, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group, Nanchang Cemented Carbide Limited Company, Shenzhen Zhengde Cemented Carbide Group, PM BOYUN, Grandmetals

Nonstandard Cutting Tools Area

Features and Trends of the Display:

The South China and Southeast Asia market are full of business opportunities and there is a large demand of solutions to nonstandard cutting tools. The cutting tool manufacturers fully demonstrate its designing and manufacturing abilities of nonstandard cutting tools in SIMM. In SIMM exhibition, there were a variety of nonstandard cutting tools featuring with stable performance and favorable price. Comprehensive solutions and the design of nonstandard cutting tools which meet various demands of visitors became the highlight in the exhibition.

Representative Exhibitors:

HIPPSC, YASAM Cutting Tools, Ruifeng, TUSA

Tool Machine Area 

Features and Trends of the Display:

To adapt to the market demand in the environment of tool machine manufacturers gathering in SIMM, SIMM set up the tool machine area attracting various brands exhibited multi-axis CNC grinding machine. To meet the requirement of high precision in industries of cutting tools and parts, grinding machine is developing fast and high precision has become the development trend of tool machine, which directly impacts the metal processing industry. SIMM2017 will make a more dispersed and professional tool machine area to promote the development of tool machine and contribute to Made in China program.

Enterprises in Demand:

GAC TOYOTA ENGINE CO.,LTD, Johnson Electric, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co.,Ltd., Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group, MEHOW, SAIKE(Shenzhen) Energy Equipment, Panasonic Energy (Zhuhai) Co.,Ltd.

Representative Exhibitors:


2nd Floor Precision Product Avenue and Cutting Tools and Accessories Area

Features and Trends of the Display:

There are not only solutions of cutting tools manufacturers in the area, but also a real-time platform for information collection and purchase of cutting tools and parts and accessories, which received lots of positive responses from visitors and exhibitors. The 2nd floor precision product avenue is a high-quality trade platform satisfying increasing exhibition and purchase demands which attracts cutting tool manufacturing visitors every year.

Representative Exhibitors:

Daidospring, Guangdong DAOFU Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Hongji Daoju, Kuikeli, NPT
















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