Start from SIMM: a promotion platform all year round

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In the coming decades, no other market can match China in industrial manufacturing. To fuel its leadership position, China will continue to upgrade its production equipment and take significant steps towards the fourth industrial revolution. This demand creates great prospects for your business, and you now have a new tool at your disposal to take full advantage of the opportunities.

Intelligent Manufacturing ( ) is the first and – currently the only – multimedia-integrated promotion platform in machinery manufacturing for the China market. It serves four main groups:

    • Equipment manufacturers

    • Consumer-goods manufacturers

    • Parts & manufacturing providers

    • Integrated solution providers

The development of Intelligent Manufacturing is built on 17 years of success of the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM), the largest and most influential machinery exhibition in southern China with:

•  Over 1,200 international and domestic exhibitors displaying their latest machinery products and technologies through the years.
•   An aggregate of more than 1.5 million visitors, including engineers and managers involved in industrial production, operations, marketing and more.

SIMM is the ideal platform for you to communicate face to face and interact with clients and potential customers. However, you cannot fully promote your advanced products and technologies in just four days. Therefore, the new Intelligent Manufacturing platform has been established to extend the value beyond the show floor. Whether you have joined SIMM in the past or plan to do so in the future, you are welcome to experience our multimedia-integrated promotion service and expand in the Chinese market!

Fully-Integrated Multi-Channel Promotion Service

Create your free promotional site

Company Promotion: You can build your own promotional site. The system will automatically match your products and technology with the relevant registered website users, and send your product and service information to the user’s “Favorites”. The user can fully understand your products and services by downloading product videos and catalogs.

Value-added Services for Exhibitors: As an exhibitor, registered users can not only view your booth location and product information, but also make an advanced appointment for a business meeting on-site through a reservation function.

News Broadcast: When you release company news through your promotional site, the system will automatically promote the updated information through all channels in the Intelligent Manufacturing website. Every time you update information on the promotional site, an instant notification is sent to all potential clients.

Post video presentations for free

Video: The Video Center provides a unique platform to display your products. A powerful search function helps users find information they want quickly. You can also create your own video library to present your full range of products or services. Each video file can be linked back to your promotional site for users to get more information after watching the videos.

Value-added Services for Exhibitors:Your video display can be linked to your exhibition information, which makes it convenient for registered visitors to make an appointment and visit your booth on site.

Smart Promotion:Every time you upload a new video file, the system will notify relevant users based on their visit history, extending your videos’ exposure to a full range of potential clients.

Organize events

Webinars: The Intelligent Manufacturing webinar platform, customized for the machinery manufacturing industry, is the most effective tool for you to connect with your target market. We provide services and support throughout the process, from planning, audience invitation, audience engagement, to post-event follow-up activities. Maximum exposure to your target audience in the shortest time possible is a guarantee.

Offline Activities:You can also hand over all of your offline activities to us, such as factory visits and open days. In addition to the SIMM show period, we can help you find potential clients with real needs and make arrangements for you to meet any time.

Participate in the exhibition

SIMM: The exhibition management system developed by Intelligent Manufacturing helps automate the entire exhibition participation process, from booth reservation, preparation to promotion. After successfully reserving a booth, exhibitors can manage their activities just by logging on to the management system. You can also conduct marketing activities immediately through other promotional channels of the Intelligent Manufacturing network.

Dynamic Booth Layout: The dynamic booth layout created by Intelligent Manufacturing is one of a kind in China’s exhibition industry. Exhibitors can use this to promote the booth to potential clients. Information such as exhibitor introduction, company promotional video and activities during the exhibition can be posted beforehand to make it convenient for visitors to find and visit your booth. Moreover, to help potential clients fully understand your products and technology, the dynamic booth map is also linked to the exhibitor’s promotional website.

Technology Forum

Technology Groups: The Technology Forum of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a space for people working in machinery manufacturing and production to share their daily lives, work challenges and questions. All registered web users can form groups according to job function, region or product. Through the exchange and discussions conducted in different groups, you can understand market challenges and identify potential business opportunities.

Exclusive microsite: The Technology Forum’s Exclusive Workstationmicrosite, only available to well-established companies, is an interactive channel for you to communicate with current and potential clients regarding pre- and post-sale support. It is an effective extension of your marketing efforts, targeting thousands of potential clients.

Intelligent Report Center

Website Monitoring:Intelligent Manufacturing provides a detailed tracking analysis to show you the activities the site generates in your favor. The report includes page views, referrals, download history, video request, etc.

Summary Report: Intelligent Manufacturing also compiles a summary report of all data based on your activities. This not only helps your marketing department achieve effective marketing management, but also allows decisions makers to see trends and develop marketing strategies more efficiently.

Stay one step ahead of the competition and enhance your marketing promotion plan in China. Contact us or notify your agency in China to get in touch with us to enjoy the infinite potential business opportunities!