Sep. 1 – 4, 2020 | Shenzhen · China
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Why to visit

As a premium one-stop metalworking industrial platform in China, ITES Exhibition (SIMM) devotes to enhance the engagement between exhibitors and visitors since 2000. Every year, top-notch exhibitors will gather at this platform to present their integration solutions and latest products from various industries.

Access to leading industries and prevailing trends

Through continuous research and visits, ITES (SIMM) collects the worldwide cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and the first-hand information. Join hands with the industry's top--notch media, visitors may unravel new trends in industry policies with business professionals.

Networking with key players in the manufacturing

In line with the development of the market, the 8 exhibition themes of ITES attract groups of domestic and foreign decision-makers to visit the exhibition. Visitors may find the targeted suppliers accurately and efficiently through all-year-round high-end business matching activities. They may also personally get in touch with the manufacturing target suppliers through field trips.

Find reliable business partners

ITES (SIMM) is a comprehensive exhibition platform covering the entire production-manufacturing industry chain which can meet the needs of the professionals in the metal processing industry from procurement, processing to semi-finished products. Together with thousands of quality buyers, visitors can effectively expand their global industrial market.

Comprehensive visiting services

Visitors may apply for local factory visits, special visiting routes and targeted exhibitor lists in advance. Alongside the site visiting services, visitors can also pre-book the matchmaking activities according to the specific purchasing needs. Furthermore, on-site foreign visitors may have beverage coupons and free transportation tickets.

What our visitors said?

Mr. Romans DmitrijevsI visited the exhibition with our business delegation, most of which were my business partners. We are very pleased to see many new products in this exhibition. I am looking for new cooperation to establish new business relations in the future.We learned about the exhibition through Internet. Compared with last year, this year’s exhibition is still improving and having more people on site. I am very happy to see these changes. I will definitely come to visit this exhibition next year.

Ms. Elaheh RobinWe are one of the largest manufacturer of steel in Middle East. We come here to introduce our parts to different manufacturers and find the target market.We also looking for the best sources and suppliers for porous material, and some parts for our machines. I feel very lucky that this exhibition has many famous and reputable manufacturers, and we can see many excellent suppliers. Next year, I will definitely visit this exhibition again.
















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