30 March - 2 April, 2020 | Shenzhen · China
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  • 5 Things New CNC Operators Must Know

    Empower your business, machine tool operators have been on-demand year by year. Given this, 5 subjects that would-be CNC machinists must understand before they spend meaningful time on a specific CNC

    From:Modern Machine Shop  265   |    2019-07-25

  • The First Sold Out Pavilion in ITES 2020 -- Metal Cutting Tool Themed Exhibition

    With the metalworking processing industry development of these years, ITES Exhibition plays an important role in connecting industry manufacturers and suppliers to help generate their market leads in

    From:ITES Official  356   |    2019-07-25

  • 7 CNC Parameters You Should Know

    Parameters tell the CNC every little detail about the specific machine tool being used, and how all CNC features and functions are to be utilized.

    From:Modern Machine Shop  272   |    2019-07-25

  • China's Machinery Industry Triggers New Opportunities: Structural Reforms Bring New Incentives, Tax Breaks

    Under the tension of trade friction, let's trigger new opportunities of China's machinery industry, policy initiatives affecting the industry, and challenges and opportunities for foreign investors.

    From:China Briefing  408   |    2019-07-25

  • Explore the Manufacturing Opportunities in Shenzhen World

    ITES (SIMM) 2020 has the total usage of 12 halls which covers 240,000 ㎡ exhibition area with 8 sectors. Presenting the entire production-manufacturing industry chain to find what is on.

    From:Original  309   |    2019-06-25

  • SIMM celebrates 20 years as one of top exhibitions in Southern China

    As one of famous manufacturing industry exhibitions in China, SIMM exhibition achives its goals with top brands all over the world. In 2020, SIMM will step into a new era of smart manufacturing.

    From:SIMM Official WeChat  418   |    2019-04-15

  • TRUMPF will release their first 2D TruLaser 3040 Fiber at SIMM 2019 with higher intelligence and efficiency

    TruLaser 3040 fiber of TRUMPF will be displayed at SIMM on 28th, March to attract attentions of industrialist in booth 2M01, hall 2.

    From:SIMM  824   |    2019-01-30

  • A glance at FARO 8-axis QUANTUM SCANARM Equipment with high flexibility and easy-to-use features

    FARO is the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. This time you will keep eyes on the FAROBlu or Prizm Laser Line Probe face to face at booth 9L01, hall 9

    From:SIMM  673   |    2019-01-30

  • AMADA Showcases LC series & HG series to boost your processing efficiency

    AMADA Group's core operations in metalworking machinery are centered mainly on four businesses focusing on the Sheet Metal Machinery, Metal Cutting & Stamping Press Machinery, Structural Steel Machine

    From:SIMM  745   |    2019-01-30

  • China's leading sheet metal manufacturer, Yawei, will capture visitors' attention with fiber lasers

    FB-2516A adopts the unique flanging technology from two ways to complete the process of high speed, flexibility and automation with strong mould function.

    From:SIMM  865   |    2019-01-30

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