SIMM2017 Quality China Forum Sessions Open the New Era of Manufacturing World

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【Introduction】 The SIMM 2017 exhibition holds several sessions of on-site featured events. The Quality China Forum session is one of the show highlights.

1. Quality China Summit Forum

Date: 29th Mar, 2017, 14:00-14:30

Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Hall 5

Theme: National Quality Infrastructure and Shenzhen Quality

The Quality Summit Forum as the most high-end event at the show will also be the Opening Ceremony of SIMM2017. The Counsellor of the State Council Mr Zhang Gang (the former General Engineer of National Bureau of Quality Inspection), the senior management of Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection, experts from domestic and abroad and leading enterprise representatives are invited to make speeches and reports at the show. To deepen the understanding of national quality infrastructure, discern the national policy directives and hold the industry development trends through Quality China Forum-the high----end and professional platform is sure to contribute to the healthy and fast development of manufacturing industry in China.

2. Quality China----The Power of Quality Program

Date: 29th Mar – 1st Apr, 2017

Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Hall 6

Theme: National Quality Infrastructure and Shenzhen Quality

The Power of Quality program is a series of solution display of quality upgrading of manufacturing industry launched by SIMM exhibition, Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection and a number of top metrology manufacturers. The demonstration will focus on the smart manufacturing realization path and issues of metrology and quality management during information upgrading. The solutions and technology forum mainly cover the automobile, 3C and wearable devices, robotics, smart manufacturing equipment industry needs, metrology inspection and quality inspection. 

3.Quality China----Metrology Technology Display Area

Date: 29th Mar - 1st Apr, 2017

Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Hall 6

Theme: Insight into the Industry and Technology

The measuring equipment is the metrology device which provides the hardware support for quality. SIMM exhibition, as the largest manufacturing show in South China, attracts piles of well-known metrology enterprises from domestic and overseas to display the most advanced equipment at the show. The exhibit and solution display helps enterprises to improve the quality standard and realize sustainable development. The Quality China concept also receives the recognition of many excellent companies and organizations and a series of quality conferences will be held in succession.

Apart from the above main programs, the 3rd National Geometry and Size Project Technology Summit and the HxGN LIVE are also important parts of the Quality China sessions.

Shenzhen Quality is now the mainstream of the industry development. Hope to see you at the show and witness the manufacturing industry gala.  
















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