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Hall 1:Metal Cutting Machine Tool Area

Most advanced metal cutting products and solutions bring you competitive advantages to take the lead in the industry.

SIMM Metal Cutting Machine Tool Area is based on the huge market demand of manufacturing enterprises in South China. After 17 years of development, it has become one of the most important halls in SIMM exhibition, featuring with the latest digitized, smart and innovative products in metal processing around the globe. In this hall, a wide range of equipments and technical products in metal processing industry are displayed in an international perspective to meet up with the demand of metal processing market in South China.

Experienced in overall arrangement, Delicate in scheming and planning

Features and Trends of Hall 1:

The metal cutting machine tool area is a super star area. In the context of accelerating internationalization strategy, owing to its popularity in South China and vast buyer resources, this area has been attracting many powerful international companies to participate for years occupying large and conspicuous display areas. A number of fresh and high-quality brands also participate in the show every year, such as Vollmer, Exeron, Tornos, Tsugam, Nomura and so on. After years of evaluation at the exhibition, SIMM exhibition becomes the most valued platfrom for exhibitors to present their products in every March.

Representative Exhibitors:

Mazak, FANUC, UGG, GF, INDEX, EMAG, Mikron, Roeders, Precitrame, Imoberdorf, Shenyang Machine Tool CO.,Ltd. (SMTCL), Dalian Machine Tool Group (DMTG) and so on

Smart machine tools promote industrial transformation and industry upgrading

Features and Trends of the Display:

Intelligent metal cutting machine tool will make multi-type and customized smart manufacturing as the main production pattern. Based on the dynamic changes of domestic and overseas market and the professionalization of exhibition, intelligent metal cutting machine tool area further optimizes the layout of display to promote the integration between machining and intelligence thus attracting powerful companies from domestic and overseas to display the smart factory and digital workshop in SIMM. Visitors would find surprises here every year.

Representative Exhibitors:

Shenyang Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.(SMTCL), Dalian Machine Tool Group(DMTG), GREATOO, Taikan
● SMTCL: developed the i5 smart factory processing system which realizes "finger factory";
● DMTG: one of the national model enterprises of smart factory;
● GREATOO: developed smart production line;
● Taikan: Taikan cooperated with JANUS to display the smart processing line of mobile phone shell.

Diversified and Attractive Solutions

Features and Trends of the Display:

Machine tool industry is confronted with profound changes. Intelligence and fine processing have already become development trends of machine tool industry. Customized and systematic solutions are becoming reality. In this environment, metal cutting machine tool area focuses more on leading enterprises to transform the traditional display way and work out concrete solutions to reflect the processing ability and efficiency of equipments based on the diversified demands of metal cutting technology in South China.

Representative Exhibitors:

● Comprehensive smart CNC solutions of SIEMENS ranging from the entry level machine tool and the standard machine tool control plans to advanced modular solutions and advanced smart processing solutions.
● Customized solutions of high-precision metal piece of Mikron.

Diversified in finishing, cutting technology and equipment display

Features and Trends of the Display:

Metal cutting machine tool area has a full-scale processing chain equipments: plane-milling machine with several meters width and the desk-top machine tool used for jewelry processing, board, case body, axis guide, wheel gear and so on. SIMM focuses more on leading these kinds of equipments to transform its traditional way of display and working out with specific solutions to reflect the processing ability and efficiency of equipments.

Representative Exhibitors:

Power tool exhibitors: Okuma, Hision, Awea, Hartford, WELE, Kuraki, Vision Wide, HUADUJG, Kafo
Electromachining Exhibitors:GF, ONA, Sodick, Daehan, Maxsee, SSG, Mitsubishi, Telue, CHNER, BAOMA, Lirui
Grinder Exhibitors:United Grinding, Okamoto, KENT, JANNHER, Yunnan Grinder, PALMARY, Guibei,Henfux
Lathe Exhibitors:TORNOS, TSUGAMI, Citizen, Miyano, TAKISAWA, GOODWAY, OR, Minjia
Drill Machine Exhibitors:SYMS, West Lake, WDM, WIM, WOTA, Accurate, Zonjet
Sawing Machine Exhibitors:Amada, Everising, Luosbg, Chenlong, Julihuang, Chine Chern Machinery
















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