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Hall 5: Fasteners and 3D Printing Industrial Application Area

To expand exhibit coverage and enrich exhibition contents, SIMM 2019 set up a new featured theme pavilion – Hall 5 – Featured Events & Hardware and Fastener Hall. On one hand, it provides the basic accessories for manufacturing industry to promote the trade and communication in different industry links. On the other hand, the opening ceremony and various kinds of theme conferences and on-site activities will be held in Hall 5 which activates the market and satisfies the needs of industry market demand expansion. The featured pavilion aims to provide standardized, clustered and international market services as well as enhance the connection between exhibitors and visitors through promoting the communication between enterprises. SIMM cooperate with industry partners from domestic and overseas to build a brand exhibition in South China.

SIMM 2019 The 4th Smart Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Forum

Theme: The Age of Smart Machine Takes You to the Future Factory

Scale: Around 300 participants

Time: 30th March, 2019

At present, the global manufacturing industry is in the period of transformation development in which improving the intelligence level of manufacturing industry and creating smart factory play as the important strategic layout plans. SIMM 2019 Smart Manufacturing and Robotics Technology Forum will bring together 18 years of accumulation of exhibition resources and experience and unite an amount of representative enterprises to make on-site speeches. Topics for discussion range from 3D automation market trends to blind spots of the industry robotics application. The market trends and opportunities are going to be clearer through series of discussions and moreover many innovative thoughts and ideas will be generated.

SIMM 2019 3D Printing Technology Summit

Theme: What 3D Printing Will Bring to the Future of Manufacturing Industry

Scale: 300 participants

Time: 31st March, 2019 10:00-12:00

3D printing with its brand new manufacturing concept has quickly become a heated topic in the industry. The 2019 3D Printing Technology Summit in SIMM invites the industry giants in 3D technology from domestic and the leading companies in the application field of 3D printing in machine manufacturing to Shenzhen to attend the industry gala. Seminar sessions about the manufacturing technology trends and the future of 3D printing technology field application will be operated in the exhibition site.

SIMM 2019 The 2nd Sheet Metal Smart Manufacturing Technology Forum

Theme: Sheet Metal Innovation Connects to the World

Scale: 300 participants

Time: 31st March, 2019 13:00-16:00

The Pearl River Delta (PRD) is the birthplace of the sheet metal punch and process industry in China. Thanks to the quick development of communication manufacturing industry, the processing capacity and economies of scale of the PRD have been rapidly increasing. SIMM Sheet Metal Forming exhibition thus has been growing to be one of the top 2 influential sheet metal working exhibition with the strong district capabilities and market demands. Meanwhile, The Sheet Metal Smart Manufacturing Technology Forum will also be expanded and upgraded through the enrichment of on-site seminar contents and aggregation of more and more well-known companies in sheet metal industry. Besides, the guest lecturers will share the latest sheet metal processing technology with enterprises in demand from aspects of application technology, case analysis and market trends.

Hardware and Fastener Hall

The development of stainless steel and hardware metals promoted by market demands drives SIMM to organize the Hardware and Fastener Exhibition.

With the breakthroughs of the product quality and advancement of industry technology in China, the domestic industrial products have achieved significant advancement in international status. Taking the hardware metals companies as example, the stainless products made in China is gaining its popularity among more and more countries owing to the strong capacities of product basement and its good performance of quality and cost. The increasing market demand also promotes the development of fasteners made of stainless steel in China.

Fasteners, known as the fundamental components of industry, are widely applied in industry fields such as automobile, railway, aerospace, electricity, machinery, appliances, electronics, military, shipping, petrochemical industry, construction and so on. A large amount of high-tech and high accuracy industrial clusters gather in South China which contributes to the fast development of industrial automation. With the development of these industries, the fasteners and hardware products open a more diversified market.

To meet up with the increasing market demands, SIMM cooperated with Shenzhen Stainless Steel and Fasteners Association to the build up the Hardware and Fastener Exhibition area.

Enterprises to enter……
Shenzhen Daliqiang Standard Component Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Jianpeng Hardware&Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Qianglida Stainless&Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Shenghu Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Xiling Stainless Metalwork Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shunxin Fastener Electromechanical Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Boyite Hardware Metalwork Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Jianheng Metalwork Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen Shenhu Standard Component Industry Co.,Ltd.

Arvid Hardware (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
















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